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Pole Dance Fitness Classes

Pole dance classes promote strength, tone, flexibility, and sensual empowerment. By utilizing the vertical pole in our fitness class, the body experiences unparalleled training for core strength and upper body toning and conditioning. To enhance the art of pole dance fitness, sensual movement is incorporated to promote the complete "Fembodiment" of sensuality and feminine fitness. Start your amazing journey into pole dance fitness by joining us for a "Pole Intro/Beginner" class. Register for pole classes by calling the studio, emailing us, or Click HERE to sign up!  

Aerial Silks / Aerial Hoop 

Aerial silks is a beautiful and challenging aerial art form using a special fabric suspended from our 16-18' high celings! Aerial Hoop uses a steel hoop suspended in the air for beautiful poses and spins. Aerial classes provide an amazing workout for the entire body with emphasis on core and upper body toning and strengthening. These unique classes are a challenging workout and a visually stunning display of aerial dance and acrobatics. Register for Aerial classes by calling the studio, emailing us, or visiting our "Schedule" page to sign up!  

Barre Workout Classes

Barre workouts use the horizontal barre (ballet barre) to tone and sculpt the lower body targeting glutes, thighs and hamstrings to promote the elongated sculpted look of “dancer’s legs.”  Barre incorporates Ballet and Pilates methods and concepts to firm and tone the lower body as well as the core for a feminine workout that creates long sculpted muscles minimizing mass or bulking of the feminine body. Sign up now for a Barre Sculpt or Barre Cardio class. Register for barre workout classes by calling the studio, emailing us, or visiting our "Schedule" page to sign up!  


Fembody Burlesque is fun and sassy dance class using sexy modern dance moves and classic cabaret style sensuality. Register for Burlesque classes by calling the studio, emailing us, or visiting our "Schedule" page to sign up!

Flexibility Classes

Fembody Flexibility focuses on flexibility stretching and increasing range of motion by incorporating flexibility training with resistance bands in addition to techniques used by professional dancers. Sign up now for a Flexibility class by calling the studio, emailing us, or visiting our "Schedule" page to sign up!  

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